The ART in ACTION Foundation (Fundacja ART in ACTION), with its offices in Cracow, is one of the leaders in the organization of large-scale cultural and pro-ecological events in Poland. The aim of the Foundation is to propagate knowledge about the present state of our planet, promote the idea of sustainable development and cultural tolerance, and thus raise pro-ecological and civil awareness in Poland and other European countries. The outdoor events organized by the Foundation have already drawn nearly 3 million spectators around the country: „EARTH FROM ABOVE – A portrait of our planet at the beginning of the 21st century” under the auspices of UNESCO and the Minister of the Environment; „PLANET OCEAN – Discovering the world of marine biodiversity” under the auspices of the IUCN and the Minister of the Environment; „ARBORES VITAE – The last European primeval forest” about the Bialowieza Primeval Forest, under the auspices of UNESCO and the Minister of the Environment. Admission-free undertakings featuring large-format photographs, cinema shows, the Internet, concerts and education focus on three main subject areas: art, ecology and spirituality. These are usually arranged in urban areas where new spaces are found for the needs of culture – in Warsaw’s Lazienki park, in Krakow’s Planty park, a former foundry in Zabrze, the fishing port in Hel, and in Łódz the Old Town park and a former tram stop waiting-room. The Foundation was established by the filmmakers Sylvie and Krzysztof Derdacki, who specialize in cultural marketing and social communication.

dorota-ruszkowska-1Sylvie & Krzysztof Derdacki, “ME & YOU” exhibition © Dorota Ruszkowska 2016