As part of the “ME and YOU – In search of a new solidarity” exhibition we support the Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) and its humanitarian and educative activities:

PAH (Polska Akcja Humanitarna – Polish Humanitarian Action) aids people affected by armed conflicts and natural disasters, especially those most in need – children, women and the elderly. In our efforts we respect the principles
of humanity, impartiality, independence and neutrality. Our work is to provide the most basic needs: access to water, food, safe shelter and education. We are currently working in Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Iraq and Ukraine.

Syria has suffered armed conflict since 2011. Fighting has forced more than 10.5 million people to abandon their homes, and of these some 6.3 million have taken shelter in the country. The civilian population is constantly threatened by air raids and attacks, and the situation is deteriorating year by year. There is no permanent access to food or water. This war of several years has left the people of Syria living in very difficult conditions.

We have been operating in Syria since 2013 and are aiding hundreds of thousands of people every year in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo. We provide access to water: by supplying water by means of tanker trucks to camps for the displaced, and building pumping stations, latrines, and hand washing points. We work to maintain hygienic conditions: we remove refuse, provide waste baskets,
and the most necessary hygiene products. We provide access to food: by distributing food packages, and working with local bakeries, providing them with flour and yeast to produce bread at fixed low prices. In December 2016, news of the evacuation of the population from eastern Aleppo echoed around the world. We organized immediate aid for those who reached the camps. We built latrines, hand washing points and new water pumping stations. New arrivals received food and personal hygiene packages.

© Syria 2017, photo from PAH Archives

Since 2014 the situation in Iraq has been very unstable. The Islamic state has begun the occupation of key cities in the north of the country, including Mosul. The constant threat and ongoing conflict have left more than a million people
in Iraq in need of humanitarian aid. The main problem is the lack of means to meet their most basic needs, such as access to food, water, shelter and basic hygiene. The Polish Humanitarian Organization was already active in Iraq between
2003 and 2007, when we responded to the needs of the Iraqis resulting from
the very unstable situation in the country following the fall of the regime.
We returned to the country at the end of 2016 in response to the deteriorating situation of its civilians as a result of the armed conflicts in Mosul. We immediately began relief efforts directed
at the inhabitants of the eastern part of the city. Our support is primarily immediate aid, namely a response
to the most basic needs of the city’s residents. We are gradually extending this action to the Kurdistan region, where we will also distribute care packages to the most needy.

© Iraq 2017, photo by Maciej Moskwa / TESTIGO

You too can support the people of Syria and Iraq!

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