Between darkness and light. A panorama of the world.
Mural, 470 x 1200 cm, 2017
High School Students House at the Henri Brisson High School,
Vierzon (France, Central Val de Loire)

Each of us is a universe unto himself. Each of us carries within himself light and dark, as well as an infinite variety of colours.

Between this light of conscience, wisdom and compassion, and the shadows of ignorance, prejudice and indifference stretches an ever changing image full of complementary emotions and contradictory arguments, the entire landscape of our social coexistence, our living together. To arrive there, we need a lot of love and a bit of humour.

This mural was a joint effort on the part of students of various grades at the Henry Brisson Secondary Vocational School in Vierzon, the Pottery class BTS and the school’s Foundry during a series of artistic workshops held between November 2016 and March 2017 on the theme of tolerance, mutual respect and the culture of memory and the impact these have had on the building of a modern civil society.

The workshop was held under the artistic direction of Ewa Ciepielewska (a painter from Krakow) and in cooperation with Dominique Buisson and Véronique Nemiche (the school’s French teachers) and Patrick Chunleau (head of the Foundry workshop). Coordination, translation and promotion of the project were handled by Sylvie Derdacki of the ART in ACTION Foundation, based in Krakow.

This project is part of the “Art for high school students” program in the Centre-Val de Loire region, in cooperation with the Henri Brisson Secondary Vocational School in Vierzon and CERCIL – the Vel d’hiv Children’s Memorial Museum in Orléans. The official inauguration of the mural will take place at the Secondary School Students House on Friday, March 10th, 2017, to mark the Henri Brisson School’s 130th anniversary.


Wishing you lots of love, happiness
and peace in the new year 2017
Sylvie & Krzysztof Derdacki

© Olivier Föllmi




FINAL DAYS of the outdoor exhibition “ME and YOU. In search of a new solidarity”, which in two months has been seen by almost 100 thousand visitors in Planty park, Krakow (near the Słowacki Theatre).

The exhibition is to be extended to November 13th 2016.
Photographs by: Olivier Föllmi. Texts by among others: Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama, Albert Einstein, Father Józef Tischner, Pierre Rabhi, Ryszard Kapuścinski, and Janina Ochojska. Organizer: The ART in ACTION Foundation (Krakow). The project is financially supported by the Municipality of Krakow and the Małopolska Provincial Region.

Closing ceremony of the “YOU and ME” exhibition, Krakow, at the Scena Miniatura Theatre, Plac Św. Ducha 1,
Thursday November 3rd 2016, at 19.00 hrs. Admission free.
An evening entitled “In search of a new solidarity”, when along with Janina Ochojska (President of PAH – Polish Humanitarian Action) special guests will be the makers of the films screened as part of this event. Two documentaries will be shown:

TRUCK OF HOPE, directed by Piotr Augustynek, 34’35, 2015.
A reminder of the circumstances that led to the birth in the 1980s of the Équilibre Association, a Franco-Polish initiative connecting people with different languages and professions, aimed not only at bringing Poles material aid in the form of shipments of food and medicine, but also maintaining communications with Western Europe and the transfer of information by passing official channels. Continuing the work of Équilibre is the Polish Humanitarian Action, headed by Janina Ochojska.

ALEPPO. NOTES FROM THE DARK directed by Wojciech Szumowski and Michał Przedlacki, 60′, 2014.
“I fear a world without values, without sensitivity, without thought for others. A world in which everything is possible. Because then, the thing most possible is evil.” (Ryszard Kapuścinski)
These words best reflect the reasons why I went to Aleppo in Syria. This film, shot in the summer of 2013 over a period of 44 days shows life in Aleppo from the perspective of seven of its residents struggling with the hardships of war. Surrounded by exploding bombs and under fire from snipers, the people featured in this documentary talk about the revolution and their dreams. A social journalist, a street vendor, an imam, a businessman, a doctor from a field hospital, a shopkeeper – ordinary people who dreamed of freedom. The uprising in Syria led me to pose the question: Whose war, whose fight is this? If this is my world, then the Syrian people’s struggle for freedom is also my cause. (W. Szumowski)

Sylvie and Krzysztof Derdacki – curators and exhibition organizers
© ART in ACTION Foundation 2016



We have the pleasure to invite you on Monday October 10th 2016, at 7 p.m.:
Midissage and a meeting with Olivier Föllmi, author of the exhibition’s
photographs. Scena Miniatura (Słowacki Theatre), plac św. Ducha 1

Ja i Ty
Me & You
W poszukiwaniu nowej solidarności
In search of a new solidarity
The exhibition is open day-and- night from September 8th to October 30th
2016, Kraków, Planty – near the Słowacki Theatre